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Writing is a skill and you need the basics: Writing basics

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When you start learning a new skill and have a decent coach, the first thing they teach you are the basic. The same goes for writing. Writing is a skill and you need to learn and master the writing basics.

Writing is a skill that a lot possess, but few develop it.

This could be due to the fact that they went at it the wrong way and gave up, believing writing isn’t for them or that they are just plain bad at it and have no talent whatsoever. When the only mistake they did, was not learning the basics.

The first time you try, you are bound to fail

This might not be seen as Writing basics but the first thing you need to accept and come to terms with is that you are going to suck at writing your first story. Your first try isn’t going to be pleasant, the book will be filled with plot holes, grammar mistakes, character flaws and that is completely okay.

No one first wrote an entire book and it came out perfect and ready to be published after typing the end. That’s why it is called a first draft and why there is a step in the writing process called editing.

So do not worry about having the perfect story, worry about finishing it. No matter how bad or awful it might seem, cause you never know, after you finish editing it. It might be just the right kind of perfect.

Master Narration and description

Narration and description can be categorised as very important factors in writing. You can not exactly write a novel without having those two in it.

What is Narration?

Narration means to tell something. In our case tell a story. Narration is depended on the POV you choose.

How to master narration?

As they say, practice makes perfect.

As a beginner, I suggest you experiment with writing in a different POV. Try them all and see which one works for you or easier to write in. If you find one POV, that is harder to write in. Practice every day/ week, whichever time is possible to you till it becomes second nature.

TIP: Write in different characters perspective. If you do not have a story, write from a movie or book`s character point of view. It can be the same scene, but different characters telling it,

What is description?

Description means to describe something.

How to master description?

When we talk about description in writing, then the word Show and Don’t tell is not that far behind. I believe that you can not have a great story description without including the Show and don’t tell rule. To me, they are basically the same thing.

When you write a description in your story, imagine yourself in that specific place, time or be in your character’s shoes and write everything that you would see, touch smell and how you are feeling at that precise moment.

Tip: if you find it hard to imagine being in a different place or to be in your character’s shoes. I`d suggest reading a similar story to yours or somehow with the same experience as your character.

For example: Let’s say your character is a teen mom and is scared to tell her parents. You can go on Youtube, Google, Reddit or Quora and simply type the question How does it feel to tell your parent you are pregnant as a teen? Trust me, you will find a ton of information and real-life experience which will help your writing and story in the long run.

Do not let the grammar policy knock

I know, I said not to worry about your errors when writing your first draft, which is 100 percent true by the way. But that does not mean we should completely ignore it.

I want you to look at your first draft, once you are done and not be disappointed at what you stare. That is why I suggest taking a simple grammar course. It can be a free course, or a paid one.

Though I think it is best to start with a free one, cause you simply need the basics. The hardcore grammar rules can be ignored when writing and I do not want you to be in a situation where you constantly think about how your sentence is not grammatically correct,

If you really feel like taking an in-depth grammar course, then I suggest taking it after completing your first book. Then you can use your new-found knowledge to edit your book.

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