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WandaVision Review: Episode 4 (Wanda is the big bad?)

Wandavision Review episode 4

Wandavision Review episode 4

I called it. Wanda is aware of her messed up fantasy. As much as that is a huge reveal from the WandaVision series, it was not the most shocking.

Geraldine is Monica Rambeau

This week’s episode was completely different from the usual sitcoms.

It starts with Monica Rambeau (Geraldine) coming back from the blip. It’s an emotional opening as Monica finds out that her mother has died 2 years ago when she disappeared.

The episode progresses to Monica meeting Jimmy Woo because of a missing person case. Upon arriving, she is informed that WestView doesn’t exist by the locals. Both Jimmy Woo and Monica know that, that is not true.

Being curious, Monica touched the town and was sucked in.

Theory proven

Someone was watching WandaVision. In the first episode at the end of it, we saw someone watching WandaVision and next to them was a sword booklet. That person turns out to be Lewis (from the first 2 Thor movies.)

The helicopter in the second episode was actually a drone from SWORD and got turned into a toy. So the theory that Wanda’ s world does change things, is correct. We can be happy that we figured that one out.

Jimmy Woo was the one who spoke with Wanda through that Radio in episode 2. Courtesy of Mrs Lewis.

The beekeeper was actually a SWORD agent, sent to find Monica, but got changed. The mystery here, is where is this agent? Cause Wanda rewrote that reality.

It’s all Wanda

In the last episode, we were left on edge, after getting a cryptic message from Wanda as she told Vision that Geraldine (Monica) went back home.

Now we finally saw, what exactly happened between Monica and Wanda. When confronting Monica, Wanda was aware of everything and knew that the people in Westview had no knowledge of Ultron. So she kicked Monica out of her world, reconstructing it back afterwards.

Though I am not 100 percent convinced that Wanda is behind all of this. There must be someone manipulating her. Perhaps Agatha.

Is Vision dead?

The shock of episode 4 was definitely seeing Vision’s dead corpse (as shown in Infinity war) talking normally to Wanda.

It took me off guard. I was petrified.

This leads to the question and one of the darkest theory yet. Is Wanda puppeting Vision’s dead corpse?

I don’t think so.

He might be dead, but Vision seems to have a mind of his own. To the point Wanda is hiding everything from him.

Wandavision episode 4

If I am wrong, we’ll find out next week Friday.

That is all for today, you can stream the episode on Disney+.

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