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Thor: Love and Thunder review

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After Thor’s depressive episode in Endgame, his entanglement with the Guardians of the Galaxy, and Ragnarok’s success. It was no surprise that fans had high expectations for Thor: Love and Thunder, but after watching the movie, it is debatable whether it met fans’ expectations.

Warning! Thor: Love and Thunder SPOILERS AHEAD

Go watch the movie first and then come back 🙂

The good and the bad

1. Love and Thunder’s comedic aspect

One of the many reasons why Ragnarok was so successful, was its ability to make us laugh, and Love and Thunder didn’t fall short in this aspect.

In fact, they overdid it, which was its downfall. It seemed like every 10 minutes there was a scene intended to make us laugh, to the point it felt forced in some places.

2. Jonathan and Stormbreaker’s feud

Thor holding both Stormbreaker and Mjolnir

Seeing Mjolnir caused a stir in Thor’s relationship with Stormbreaker, one may say that Stormbreaker was jealous. Every time Thor’s eyes beamed at the sight of Mjolnir, Stormbreaker appeared in front of him. Honestly, this feud was one of the best things in Love and Thunder.

3. Gorr, the god butcher?

In the first half of the movie, we are introduced to “Gorr” and made to believe that he is a serial killer who wants to kill all the gods because he believes they are selfish. Mind you, I say “made to believe” as we are never shown his killing spree, we are just told. This sort of diminishes the urgency and fear that we as viewers perceive him.

The opportunity was there, I mean the gods were literally gathered in one place. So why didn’t “the god butcher” show up and kill a bunch of them at once? The gods were scared of him. Yet he never visited this city.

One may argue that no one except the gods themselves knew of this city, but who’s to say Gorr couldn’t have followed Thor? Another argument often given is that Gorr simply wanted Stormbreaker to kill all the gods at once. In other words, Thor was his only target at the time.

This brings us to another problem. He kidnapped the children, knowing Thor would come to save them when his motivation to kill the gods is based on the fact that the gods only care about themselves? Interesting…

3. Infinity and Stormbreaker

The biggest question to arise from this movie, is why the heck did the Avengers: Infinity Saga happen if Thor and Thanos could have simply wished for half the universe to reappear/ disappear?

At least Thanos had a reason, Stormbreaker didn’t exist when he was on his quest. But Thor created the weapon, he had it with him the whole time. He could have spared us and the characters (e.g Wanda) a whole lot of trauma from the deaths of our beloved characters *cough* Tony stark, captain America, Gomorrah, Natasha, etc…

Had he only gone to the center of the universe and wished Thanos would disappear… A girl can dream. Though it begs the question, if Thor created Stormbreaker, then was the path to the center of the universe non-existent before?

4. Jane foster

We finally got Jane foster as Thor and she was amazing! She was sort of the main focus of the movie and it was quite sad how they downplayed her having cancer. Especially when she told Thor about it and he was nonchalant about it. I expected a whole emotional scene, but that’s not what I got.

Jane foster as Thor

And we didn’t see Jane transform into Thor? All we saw were pieces of Mjolnir shaking in her presence. If this was merely done for the “wow” effect, it failed terribly as we all knew Jane is the female Thor. After all, it was in the trailer.

5. Not really dead

I don’t know if I am the only one, but it’s now hard to emotionally connect with the characters who are dying. I mean, chances are they’ll reappear in the next movie because Marvel characters don’t die anymore. It’s pretty rare.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Jane’s death wasn’t exactly an emotional wreck. It was shocking, I’ll give them that, but when you know a character isn’t really dead. Then there isn’t a reason to mourn or feel bad about it.

6. The team-up we never got

Most of us were expecting an adventure with Thor and the Guardians of the galaxy after Endgame. So it was a bit of a letdown that we only got a couple of minutes with them.

Was it a bad or a good thing?

It really depends on which perspective you look at it. Due to the storyline, it makes sense that GOTG didn’t have a bigger role or a lot of screentime in Thor. After all, the name of the movie is THOR, not the guardians of the galaxy.

As a fan, it can be quite disappointing after they sort of teased at the end of endgame that Thor might appear in the guardians of the galaxy or join them for a while. Which he did, but it would have been nice to see it on screen for a longer period.


In conclusion, Thor: Love and Thunder wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. That doesn’t mean it was one of the worst Marvel movies, but it wasn’t the best either. Though on the bright side, we are going to get another Thor movie and Hercules is finally joining the MCU. We might actually get to see him in other Marvel movies before the fourth Thor movie, and I’ll be here to write about it.

Feel free to tell us what you thought of the movie in the comments below. Thank you for reading and before you go, make sure to subscribe to our email list or check out some of our awesome posts.

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