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How did my blog do in January? GraciellaMk

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I can not believe it has already been a month since my blog was published. It has exceeded my expectations and taught me many things. I am writing about this, to later see at the end of the year how far I came and to be an inspiration/ motivation to others.

Keeping a float

Ever since I posted my first blog post, I kept on promoting it on my social media. I have a lot of acquaintances, so on my blog release day, I had more than 40 visitors on my blog. It isn’t much, but it gave me a motivation boost that I needed.

Posting only over and over in the same place to promote my posts, worked only for a while. A week and a half, perhaps. That is when I realized that I could not only rely on it to stay afloat. So I searched on google, for a way to gain traffic to my blog for free.


That is when I found Pinterest. It took me a while to understand to get used to it (I am still getting used to it) and so far I have not seen drastic results. To be fair, I have not exactly put too much time in it, but I am working toward it. I did receive some visitors, but it wasn’t the most referees as I have seen with other blogs.

Visitors and views

In total, I had 183 visitors on my blog with 671 views. My most viewed page was my homepage with 300 views and my most viewed blog post was How to write a book? with 27 views.

Email list

As of this writing, I have 9 subscribers to my email list with the first two weeks getting a good amount of click rate and open rate. But for some unknown reason, my emails started ending up in the promotion section, making it harder for my subscribers to see it and my open rate along with it.

If anyone knows how to fix this issue or knows the cause of it, please email me at

Earning money

No, so far I have not earned a single penny. I did apply for google ads but got rejected twice. The first time they gave me a reason and I fixed it, the second time I got nothing. So I have no idea, why I got rejected.

With affiliate marketing, so far I have not registered for one because I wasn’t sure what program to enter and what my blog was about and also the fact that I am under 18 limited my options.

Blog niche

The idea was to write about 4 different things. Beauty, Art, languages and writing. But I kept hearing from a lot of bloggers that it was best to stick to one and narrow it down. I had no interest in doing that but at the end of the month I decided to simply stick to writing.


I am not sure, it just a decision that came out of nowhere. Maybe it is the fact that writing about books came easier to me than other subjects and that I was marketing my blog as such.

Though about narrowing it down, I am still thinking about it. So far the only idea I have is writing for beginner writers.

Final words and February goals

I am happy with what I achieved. It was a really hard and fun process, writing contents and trying to keep up with my posting schedule even when I had no time to spare.

In February, I am going to simply take a break and for 2 weeks, because of personal reasons, and hope it won’t affect my blogging statistics drastically.

Thank you for reading and for joining me on this learning journey. If you have more tips, you can comment it below or you can subscribe to our newsletter, to get updated on similar posts.

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