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Best free Wattpad alternatives (Beginner friendly)

free Wattpad alternatives
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Wattpad has had major changes the last year, going from a completely free platform to what we now call a freemium. Though the changes have had a positive impact on the writers, it has been met with negative reviews from early Wattpad users. That is why I went on the internet and did some research, to find alternatives to Wattpad for users who want to check a new platform, similar to Wattpad.

1. Wattpad Alternative, no.1 Penana

Penana brands themselves as an online platform for aspiring writes with thousands of ideas, which I agree. The community is relatively small compared to Wattpad’s, with the app only having 50K downloads on Google play, yet filled with positive reviews.

Penana is great for beginners because the people on the platform are more likely to help you and give advice at a faster rate than on Wattpad. the community is really small, so there is a high chance that you won’t go unnoticed with your story.

2. Commaful

Commanful is somehow a new social media platform, being riched in multimedia storytelling as well as fiction. It has many amazing features such as story trailer, made at the touch of a button.

Its layout/ format is a bit different to Wattpad and will take some time to get used to. The Platform is rapidly growing and the majority of its users are between 13 -25.

3. Sweek

One of our last Wattpad alternatives is a platform you might have heard, as it is often compared to WattPad. Though they have multiple similarities, they are both unique.

As a beginner, it is easier to get one of your books ranked in the popular section on Sweek. Sweek has multiple contest, with some having prizes ranging from Money to publification. Talking, about Publication, users can publish their book through Sweek (self-publishing) for free and earn royalties.

Final words

Wattpad is not that bad, but for a beginner, I am that enthusiastic promoting it to you. The focus tends to stray from the writing itself to the number of reads the story has, thus lowering your confidence in your own writing skills. it is a competitive platform.

I suggest using it as a reader for a few months. Get to know some writers and delve in the community. Wattpad has one of the best writing communities, I have encountered so far. With some users agreeing to help me edit an entire book on short notice. So use it to get advice and once you are confident, publish your story on the site.

That is why I went on the internet and did some research, to find alternatives to Wattpad for users who want to check a new platform, similar to Wattpad.

Thank you for reading and for joining me on this learning journey. If you have more tips, you can comment it below or you can subscribe to our newsletter, to get updated on similar posts.

1 thought on “Best free Wattpad alternatives (Beginner friendly)”

  1. Commaful actually sounds really interesting! How do the trailers work tho? Do we have to edit them ourselfs or do they just show random parts of the book?

    Sweek sounds AMAZING to. I hope the contests are easier to enter then wattpads. Wattpads are a pain. They don’t even show up on the phone version >.< . A LOT of phone users don't even know wattpad has OFFICIAL contests… it's such a shame tho..

    Good luck with your future articles! Can't wait to read them too.

    Pay more attention on your grammer in them tho. I know I have some mistakes in this comment to so it's hypocritical to tell you this but good grammer is more important in articles by a lot.

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