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8 good old comedy movies to add to your watchlist

As each year goes by, we are introduced to a whole bunch of movies. Some are exceptional, others are amazing and sometimes plain out boring. Nowadays there’s a vast majority of movies we have access to, but it wouldn’t hurt once in a while to watch a movie made a decade or two ago, you might just find a diamond in the rust.

That is why I have gathered 8 good old comedy movies, you can watch that were made in the 19s and 2000s.


The movies listed are based on my personal opinions and are listed in no particular order.

1. Step up franchise

If you are into dancing, then the “step up” franchise is something you should definitely watch. Even when you are not into dancing, giving this franchise a chance won’t hurt.

Honestly, it has one of the best choreographies I have seen in movies and the casts are just as great. It shows you how people use dancing as an outlet, as a way to cope, as well as have fun and all that during their struggles.

The best movie in this franchise for me is the third and fourth instalments.

2. John Tucker must die

This movie isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, based on the rotten tomatoes scores and that’s okay. But it is considered a classic for a reason. So don’t shy away from giving it a chance.

It follows the story of three high school hit girls, who discover that their boyfriend, John tucker, has been dating all three of them at the same time. So they create an elaborate plan to destroy him and have his heart broken.

Like most movies made in the 2000s, it filled with cliches. So watch at your own risk.

3. She’s the man

Have you ever seen a short video with the following words.

End of discussion. End of relationship.

She’s the man

Well those words stemmed from a particular scene in this movie.

It follows the story of a tomboy, who decides to help her twin brother by pretending to be him at school while he goes to London for a couple of weeks.

4. Madea’s family protection

This movie centres around a wealthy family, who finds themselves in a pickle, when their father gets caught up in a Ponzi scheme, causing a dangerous mafia boss to lose a lot of money. In order to be safe, they are put into witness protection in Madea’s home.

When Madea (Tyler Perry) is in a movie, you know you are up for a crazy ride as well as a good laugh.

5. The princess diaries

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your estranged grandmother unexpectedly show up and inform you that you are a princess?

This girl didn’t have to wonder, cause that’s exactly what happened to her. Being raised as an average normal teen, she has a lot to learn about being a princess. That in itself is not an easy task.

This movie is probably where the “glow up” culture stemmed from, but we can’t deny it is a classic.

6. Think like a man

This movie follows a story of a group of guys, who are facing problems in their relationship. By accident, one of their friends finds a book written by Steve Harvey, Act like a lady but think like a man, from his mother. They quickly realize it is a dating guide that their significant others are using. So they flip the table, using the book to get what they want.

7. The Truman show

Imagine waking up one day and finding out that the entire world around you is fake. That every person in your life is putting on an act, and the whole world is watching you on a tv screen. Well, Truman didn’t have to imagine, because that is his life.

This movie does really make you wonder if everything around you is real. More like the matrix, but comedic at best.

8. How to lose a guy in 10 days

A journalist is on a quest to write an article depicting multiple ways how to lose a guy in 10 days, by basically forcing his hands so he dumps you. Unfortunately for her, the guy she ends up dating has his own agenda and needs to stay in a relationship with her for more than 10 days.

A bit corny, though really fun to see her depict the crazy girlfriend, by doing all sorts of insane things, while he desperately tries to put up with it. A great watch and one of my favourites.

To sum up

I had lots of fun writing this article and being able to rewatch some of these movies. So thank you very much for reading and I hope you were able to find as well as add some of these movies in your watchlist.  

If you know a good old comedy movie, feel free to comment it below. You could also subscribe to our newsletter, to get updated on similar posts.

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