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5 ways to hook readers: Beginner writer

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Having and keeping a readers’ attention is something we all aspire as writers. That is why I have 5 tips to help you hook your readers, from the beginning of your story, and to keep it along the way.

1. Up the stakes

Bad things need to happen in your book. No matter how much your character means to you, they need to suffer. That is the only thing that will make your story interesting and hook your readers.

No story can survive without some things going horribly wrong. It is the way your character deals with these shortcomings that interest the readers.

2. Do not give too much TMI

This often happens in the first couple of chapters, when the book is in its introduction phase. But I now see a lot of writers giving a full description of their characters in the first chapter. It makes it easier for your reader to lose interest in your story when the first half of your story is all about a specific characterès habit or personality.

So I will say write 3 short sentences about your character in the first chapter, and let the other important information of him/ her be found scattered over your book. Not in one chapter.

3. Diverse characters

Have multiple characters, with different personalities, voice patterns or habits. Let say a group of 3 friends, one is lazy, the other is outgoing and the last one is shy.

It is way more interesting to read about people with different personalities, clashing and sometimes getting along. This way, there is more room for drama and conflict in the story.

4. Add a few cliffhanger

The easiest way to hook your readers from the beginning, till the end, is to add cliffhangers.

I remember reading an entire book in a day because at the end of a chapter, something big or interesting went on and I wanted to know what happened afterwards.

5. Relatable characters

Create characters that your audience can easily relate to. People are more likely to like your book if they have something to relate to. Your characters, do not have to look a specific way, it just needs a characteristic that we can relate to.

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Thank you for reading and for joining me on this learning journey. If you have more tips, you can comment it below or you can subscribe to our newsletter, to get updated on similar posts.

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