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5 ways to find those amazing plot ideas : (Beginners)

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Finding unique plot ideas has to be every writer’s dream. We ought to be different and bring something fresh to the table for our readers. I know it isn’t always easy to find plot ideas, that is why I gathered 5 tips to help you find that amazing plot idea.

1. Have an idea Journal

If you have read my previous articles, you’ll notice that I always recommend having an idea journal from the very beginning. When you are still new to writing, ideas pretty much flow left and right. That is why I highly recommend you write them down somewhere you will be able to see it later on, in your writing journey.

If you aren’t the type of person, where ideas flow all the time. I suggest writing down your thoughts.

2. Analyse a picture

You know that saying, a picture tells a thousand stories. Well, we are going to take it literally. When you feel stuck or want an idea, go to google and search your genre or story idea.

For example: Let say I am looking for a plot idea for my fantasy book. I go to google and type in “fantasy”, a bunch of pictures appear. I choose one and try to think, what story did the artist try to convey with this image? or ask what is going on in the picture.

Obviously, this does not necessarily work for every genre because some genres are more saturated than others.

3. Online idea generator

Shout out to all my NaNoWriMo writers.

An online idea generator is honestly the best way to find creative plot ideas. They are always weird and random, that what makes it great and that is what will make your story interesting.

Disclaimer: Don’t just use every idea that pop-ups there. Go over a bunch of ideas and choose one that will flow with your story.

4. Retell a popular story (myths)

Have you ever wished that an event in a story happened differently? Or you simply did not like the way it ended.

Well then, why not rewrite it to your liking. Change the story, make it yours. Think about it, a lot of myths have been rewritten in many different ways. Most of them are actually pretty good.

Please do not copy some else’s story. You can use a story for an idea, but copying is completely different.

5. Tell a story from a song

Every song has a story behind it. Whether an artist decides to reveal it or not, it is completely up to them.

Read the lyrics of a song and imagine what story is being told. Think about what the people might have done or what events might have taken place for this song to exist.

Example: I am a K-pop fan so I will choose a K-pop song. Lately, I have been listening to twice cry for me. The way I interpret the song, is similar to girl meets boy, falls in love and it is a one-sided love. She kidnapped him and is telling him about her love, but the boy seems unbothered. So she asks him would you cry for me. In the end she kills herself, in hope that he will shed a tear for her.

Obviously, the way I interpret the song is going to be completely different to someone else. ( Mine might be a bit darker, but hey, I have been watching Riverdale a lot lately.) And that is the beauty of it.

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Thank you for reading and for joining me on this learning journey. If you have more tips, you can comment it below or you can subscribe to our newsletter, to get updated on similar posts.

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  2. Their’s this one musical called 35mm. Every song is it’s own story and they only had 1 photo for every song for inspiration. Yet the stories are so detailed!!
    It’s amazing how people can do so much from so little..

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