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5 effective ways to beat writer’s block

writer's block


5 ways to beat writer’s block

You are staring at a blank piece of paper, time is slowly passing by, but up to now, nothing has been written. It is a habit you have become accustomed to. I am sorry to say this, but you are facing one of the writers’ worse enemy, writer’s block.

Worry no more, I am going to equip you with 5 weapons to beat writer’s block.

1. Find out what is causing writer’s block

Finding out what is causing the problem, is the way to solving it. The same goes for writer’s block. Once you find out, the cause, you can overcome it.

The causes can be:

  1. Burn out
  2. perfectionism
  3. Fear

2. Plan your book ahead

One of the main causes of writer’s block is not knowing what to write next. This can be easily avoided. Before writing your book, have an idea about what is going to happen in each chapter. This does not have to be a full outline.

Example: In chapter 2- Jackson is going to be beaten up by a couple of 2 gang members.

Writing just that is enough.

3. Go for a walk, watch a movie

If you have been writing non-stop for a long period of time. Then you probably just burned out. What you need is a break. having a change of scenery, going for a walk or hanging out with your friends, should help. It might even give you an idea on what to write next.

4. Write something else

Our goal is to get you to write. That doesn’t have to be the book you are currently writing. Start another project, this will give you some time away from your story. Hence, give you another perspective when you look at it again. Just do not abandon your story, two days writing something else should be enough.

5. Have an idea journal

if you are experiencing writer’s block because you do not know what story to write about. Then having an idea journal is what you need. To be honest, I think every writer needs one.

When you have an idea pop up in your head, write it down in your journal. Like that, when you have no idea what to write about, you can simply have a look at your journal.

That was it for today and I hope these tips, helped you.

Thank you for reading and for joining me on this learning journey. If you have more tips, you can comment it below or you can subscribe to our newsletter, to get updated on similar post

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